the challenges that the IT department has gone through during the outage


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Question 1

Despite the challenges that the IT department has gone through during the outage, as well as the loss of confidence suffered, Barton can indeed increase efficiency of the IT department, although it is probably going to take time, as well as a well laid out plan meant to prevent any similar situations in the future. The initial step towards increasing IT Department efficiency, would be to clearly establish the events that lead to the outage, as well as determining whether or not the outage itself led to the loss of critical client information

Question 2

In the IT world, the doctrine of completed staff work may be quite difficult to implement, more so when it comes to programming as well as other aspects of software development. At times, adhering to the doctrine may be quite difficult, more so when one considers the fact that at times one employees work may actually need a lot of fine tuning in order to become the finished end product. Correction of aspects such as bugs, may actually make practicing the doctrine in IT a difficult task. Although there is need to increase information access, before arriving at the final product a number of revisions and corrections have to be carried out, at times by more than one employee.

Question 3

Barton must not evade the CEO, or engage in any form of insubordination, as based on how trigger happy Williams seems to be, as seen by his decision to fire Hansen and Wells, doing so would be a grave mistake. Further, considering that Barton was given a second chance, involving the CEO in every step of the process would be very important. Considering the existence of office politics and based on how fascinated the board members were with Barton’s presentation, as well as how Barton’s relationship with one of the board members had made Williams uncomfortable, choosing to bypass him might further arouse suspicion.

Question 4

Personally, I agree with Maggie’s suggestions to keep Williams constantly in the loop, as not doing so could further worsen an already precarious relationship between Barton and Williams. Further, involving Williams will also ensure that not only are solutions authorized from the top, but any solutions incorporate the input of the CEO. Frequent communication with Williams will also provide Barton with an excellent opportunity to get through to Williams, and explain to him in a more comprehensive manner the current problems facing the IT department, as well as make proposals regarding potential changes, hence earning him a key ally at future leadership meetings.

Question 5

Barton’s playlist is not only in line with his current feelings of helplessness, but also an urgent need for a change in strategy. It seems to indicate a willingness by Barton to get out of his comfort zone in order to develop concrete and effective solutions to his problems, as well as problems currently bedeviling the IT department.