The Author’s Statement

The Author’s Statement

Cullen Strady

Florida State University

ENC 2135: Research, Genre, and Context

Andrew Zolot

July 19, 2022

The Author’s Statement

In the assigned chapter reading, the authors address the importance of an author’s or artist’s statement in establishing the rationale behind any writing. Braziller and Kleinfeld (2021) underscore that an author’s or artist’s statement is crucial because it enables the reader of any written piece or genre to comprehend the process that culminated in the composition or creation of the genre or product. To some extent, the author’s statement ensures the visibility of those things that were invisible yet led to the visible composition. It articulates different unseen decisions and choices made by the author toward composing a particular genre. Based on the guidance from this chapter, the rationale for composing the essay (one of my Project 3 genres) captures its purpose, audience, composition approach, genre suitability, and uniqueness.

The purpose of my essay will entail persuading my audience that dichotomously gendered notions usually pervade the conceptualization of gender roles in entrepreneurial leadership, placing women in an inferior position compared to their male counterparts. I intend to offer credible, believable, and reasonable arguments to convince my discourse community in entrepreneurship that gender stereotypes, prejudices, and discrimination against women comprise some of the gendered elements of the debate relating to deconstructing women’s role in contemporary entrepreneurial leadership. By composing the text in this essay, I intend to communicate this stance to two audiences. The first audience comprises women venturing into entrepreneurial leadership to help them understand the systemic challenges they can encounter when seeking leadership positions in entrepreneurship.

The second audience includes experts or professionals in entrepreneurship interested in the topic, aiming to provide insights into their comprehension of how to deconstruct gender roles in entrepreneurial leadership. Towards ensuring that my essay communicates my stance or purpose effectively to the two audiences, the approach to composing it that I will leverage will involve the incorporation of rhetorical appeals: logos, ethos, and pathos. For instance, I will appeal to the audience via logos by adopting smart and logical organization of my essay content. Ethos, demonstrated by basing ideas on research evidence, will allow me to establish my essay content as credible. I believe my essay will be suitable for the two audiences because it will allow for the flexible use of argumentative, expository, descriptive, or interpretative mechanisms to convince readers. The unique aspect of the essay that will enable me to reach, convince, persuade, or otherwise influence my chosen audiences is style. An essay adopts a style that is between formal and informal, which enables the author to articulate their argumentative thesis flexibly.


Braziller, A. & Kleinfeld, E. (2021). The Bedford book of genres: A guide & reader for Florida State University (3rd Ed.). Bedford/St. Martin. E-book ISBN: 781319470104.

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