The author




The author

This document was written by a scholar of history. He seems to be reporting as a third person narrator. From his concluding remarks, it appears as if he is an online historian who collects and disseminates historical information.

Intended audience

This author was writing to all the people. He was targeting the whole community because he addressed the issue of public interest. In deed, World War I (WWI) still remains a topic of discussion up to date. It is not only relevant to the students, but to all people regardless of their age, expertise and the level of education.

Story line

The story line for this article is world peace. As recorded by the author, President Woodrow was addressing the US Congress on the importance of his country participating in restoring peace to the world. As he asserts, this would be through the signing of a peace treaty and subsequent establishment of the League of Nations.

Reason for writing the document

This document was written as part of collection of the world history. It’s in deed, important in the public domain because it makes important historical facts accessible to the general socially especially those able to access them through the internet.

Type of document

This is a text of speech. It gives a report of a real speech delivered by President Woodrow on 8th, January 1918 to the congress. The author only contributes in writing the introduction and acknowledging the source.

Basic assumptions made

In this document, the writer assumes that the reader knows all the information about the causes, course and effects of WW I. the other assumption is that the reader is aware of the role of US in the war.

Can I believe this document?

Yes. This document is real. All the information contained here are quite sensible. As Woodrow insists, this war only came to an end after the formation of the League of Treaty and provision of justice to the offended nations. It is through the implementation of the Fourteen Point Proposal that restored peace.

What can I learn about the society that produced this document?

This author must have come from a peace loving community. This is why his document is solely about peaceful negotiation process. The commitment of USA to human rights and justice shows that this community is democratic and concerned about the welfare of the entire world.

What does this document mean to me?

This document means that USA is one of the countries which ended WW I. Its commitments led to the formation of the League of Nations which ultimately led to the end of this brutal war and brought peace to the world once more.

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