Team Leadership and Team Work

Team Leadership and Team Work

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Not every person can be a leader. Team leaders are chosen on the basis of individual capabilities and the ability of an individual to command a degree of respect among his/ her subjects. In most cases team leaders are naturally able to handle responsibility and pressure that arise from the responsibilities that the person has been stipulated to carry out (Schwarz, 2014). A team leader provides instructions and guidance to a group of individuals in order to achieve a key goal that the group is aligned to undertake. A good team leader should be in a position of knowing the team members in order for him/ her foster a good bond with the individuals hence in the long run create good team work (Schwarz, 2014).

There are a variety of strategies team leaders can use to enhance team building activities. For instance, creating a survival scenario where the team leader comes up with an incident where a plane crashes into the ocean. Adjacent to the site where the plane crashed, there is a desert island and at the same time every passenger on the plane has a lifeboat that he/ she can use to navigate and reach the island. With the plane sinking, each passenger has an option of choosing at least 12 items he/ she has to carry to the island, that will support the individual’s survival.

It is important to allow the members discuss and decide the items each views as essential. The rating and valuation of items each member views as important, is essential in triggering communication amongst the team members (Schwarz, 2014). This is because each member will give the basis of how and why he/ she choose a particular item and left the other items.


The discussion among the members creates a bond between them and also the interaction with the team leader not only allows him/ her know them personally, he also is able to gauge their levels of intellect in terms of crisis, and also the ability to work under pressure and still make correct choices.


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