SWOT Analysis of Bestro Beverages Company

SWOT Analysis of Bestro Beverages Company

Introduction about the organization

Bestro Beverage Company is an established company in the non-alcoholic beverages industry. The company is engaging in the manufacturing of the non-alcoholic beverage products like; fruit drinks, soft drinks, iced coffee, water and tea and other various flavored beverages for satisfying the customers (Sandhusen, 2000). This company will manufacture non-alcoholic beverage products and package them and deliver them to the customers without utilizing any middlemen in its operations. The company wants to develop a strong base of the customers and it has the goal to increase the assets and investment of the company. By these products, the company wants to build a good reputation in the food and beverages industry and become a key player in the competitive market.

Trends in Non Alcoholic beverage industry

The non-alcoholic beverages industry is growing very fast. People are shifting to the non-alcoholic beverages from alcoholic drinks due to health concerns. The population wants to drink coffee, fruit juices, soft drinks and tea beverages (Luther, 2011). The major trend in this industry is individuality. The customers like to have the beverage, which is unique and special for use. The customers buy the products as a reflection of environmental awareness, health habits and resourcefulness.

The consumers need a variety of the flavors in the beverages, so the manufacturers of the Bestro Beverage Company will continue to create the new beverages to support this demand of the consumers (Lamb, Hair, & McDaniel, 2014). The people are becoming very conscious towards the environment. They see for the three R’s during the buying process of beverage.

These three R’s are reuse, recycle and repurpose. The fruit drink is chosen for this discussion. The fitness trend is growing in the industry. People consider the packaged fruit juices hygienic as these come in the sealed packs. (Sandhusen, 2000) This is very healthy with low fat contents. The people, especially the younger generation prefer the flavored juices with the healthy ingredients.

Strategic Position

The Bestro Beverages Company is positioning itself as a healthy juice and targeting the group of the population, which is conscious for the health. This is the elegant choice, because most of the people, who drink juices, are trying to be healthy. It will inform the customers about the health benefits of the product on the packaging of the juice.

The customers can purchase the products by looking the contents at the packet of the juice (Luther, 2011). Bestro is using an effective approach for implementing the strategic position. This new approach will use an effective strategy, which will make efforts to reach the highest levels of the company. It is emphasizing on making the healthy breakfast options for the customers.

Distribution Channels

Bestro Beverages Company is using effective distribution channels for distribution the products to the customers and the end users (Lamb, Hair, & McDaniel, 2014). The company is using direct channels for the distribution of the products. It will deliver the products to the customers without utilizing any middlemen in its cause of business. The company will use two ways to distribute the products like; Business to Business and Business to Consumer. The company will supply the products to the customer by the use of internet i.e. online.

Types of Risks

Bestro Beverage Company may face some risks. The major risk may generate from the established competitors, which chooses to fight on the flexibility and quality. The company may face the environmental and regulatory risks. Environment risks are the risks, which are related to the weather. If there will be poor weather, then it can hamper the crops. Because of this the production of the fruits will be reduced.

Because the customers expect sustainability to be the part of the value proposition of the company and the analysis rely on it to assess the performance, the company can anticipate increased regulatory activities in this. The company can use various solutions for mitigating the risks (Sandhusen, 2000). Effective communication with the manufacturing and operational groups is necessary for mitigating the related risks. The company will make the regular communication with the research and development teams. The company will always be aware about its string competitors.

SWOT Analysis


Bestro Beverages Company has so many strengths, which will give benefit to the company to increase the revenues. This company will provide the quality products in comparison to its leading and already established competitors (Luther, 2011). The products will include the fruits and nutritional ingredients. This will provide new and innovative flavors in fruit juices. The company will appoint an experienced team in the operations of the company. It has focus on the sports event marketing. It means it will distribute the products sports events, colleges, schools and gyms.


The company may have the weaknesses because of its competitors (Lamb, Hair, & McDaniel, 2014). The competitors of the Bestro Beverages Company have the better stake in the competitor market and more experience and knowledge. It will take a long time to start up a business. The company will not have various outlets around to get the people to know about the product and business. It may be possible that the competitors have formulated the new tactics for the new entering companies.


The Bestro Company will have various opportunities of the business expansion in the near future (Sandhusen, 2000). It will have the opportunities because more and more people are very concerned for the health and they are making the fruit juices as a part of breakfast and diet. The government is also surveying the food and beverages industry, whether the company is providing quality products with the health standards. The government is also encouraging the food processing industry.


In the non-alcoholic beverages industry, the company may face the major threat from the competitors. The suppliers cost is increasing. The competitors are using effective promotional activities for placing their products in the market. The existing competitors have strong brand reputation in the market, it can is entry barriers for the company. The changes in the weather can affect the selling of the products (Luther, 2011).


The Bestro Company is providing the fresh juice products to the market and customers. The company is using effective strategic position and distribution channels for providing the products to the end users (Lamb, Hair, & McDaniel, 2014). The company has some strengths, weakn Phi 105 Week 9 Assignmentesses, opportunities and threats. It is facing some risks such as; environment risks and regulatory risks. The company is making the contingency plan o mitigate the risks.


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