Summary of Five Books in the New Testament







Summary of Five Books in the New Testament

In the bible, the book of Mathew is the first one in the New Testament, and it is a gospel. Mathew was one of Jesus Christ’s ambassadors and went everywhere with Jesus. The book focuses on the miracles, which were performed by Jesus Christ, before his crucification. The book of Matthew seeks to prove that, indeed, Jesus Christ is the messiah prophesied in the Old Testament. The prime theme in this book is about the coming of the messiah and his mission on earth. This book has been written in an artistic manner and is quite consistent. Some of the key events include; fasting done by Jesus Christ, the feeding of five thousand people by him, his temptation in the desert, among others. The book’s key personalities are Jesus, James and Peter and the various people whom he performed miracles on, such the daughter of Jarius. It deals mainly with the encounters, which Jesus had when he was with his disciples.

The book of John is a gospel, and it focuses upon Jesus Christ’s identity and the mystery in life. Furthermore, it gives an explanation concerning the origin and nature of Jesus Christ. It describes Jesus Christ’s divinity, as well as his discourses while on earth. One gets to know about Jesus and the reason why he came to earth, which is for the salvation of human beings. Moreover, the key events are resurrection, crucifixion, trials and miracles of Jesus Christ. The story of Jesus in terms of his function, mission, and origin are made known. The book is in the form of a hymn that is poetic. This book is extremely applicable in real life as people can apply the lessons they read. In the last chapter of the book of John, there is mention of Jesus Christ’s great commission on earth. The message provided ensures that people follow the commandments of Christ. People have an obligation of spreading the word taught by Jesus Christ. The personalities who are mentioned in this book include; Jesus Christ, Caesar, Pilate, Nicodemus and Joseph of Arithmea.

The book of Luke is a narrative and was written by Paul, one of Jesus Christ’s disciples. The most notable theme in the book of Luke is about Jesus Christ’s humanity. According to Luke, Jesus Christ is perfect, and he came to earth to make sure everyone behaves like him. Jesus Christ did this by sacrificing his life on the cross. Other themes in Luke include; relationships with people, love, and how to satisfy human desires. Moreover, it focuses upon ensuring that Christians believe in angels, miracles and prayers. The events, which took place, were when Jesus Christ was still a young man. Key events in Luke include; the birth of Jesus Christ, baptism, appearance by angel Gabriel, also, the magnificat, which is a prayer. Furthermore, the book dwells on miracles performed by Jesus Christ, such as the healing of the Roman Centurion and an exorcism. The key personalities in this book include; Mary Magdalene, Jesus, Pilate, John the Baptist and Elizabeth, among others.

The book of Ephesians is an epistle, written by Paul, one of Jesus Christ’s disciples. Ephesians is helpful to people who seek to have maturity similar to that of Jesus Christ. People are required to accept the calling, which they have been commanded. The key theme in Ephesians is concerning doctrine, which human beings have to follow. It gives details concerning how Jesus Christ’s affects people’s morality. Furthermore, it advocates that people should proclaim their stand on matters concerning Christianity. Other notable themes include; human existence, God’s accomplishment and daily life struggle. The key events, which took place, in Ephesians include; the journeys undertaken by Paul as he sort to spread God’s word. Also, it includes how various churches were built by Christians, as well as the persecution of some of the Christians. The Key personalities in Ephesians were the people living in Ephesus, Paul, and Tychicus.

Lastly, it is the book of Daniel, and it is referred to as a book that is apocalyptic. It contains many prophecies by Daniel. The first six chapters of the book are narrative, while the remaining chapters are prophetic. The main themes in Daniel are prophesies done by Daniel, Faith and protection from God, as well as visions and dreams. All the mentioned themes were demonstrated as Daniel over come many problems due to his trust in God. There were many key events, which took place in this book. They include dealings, which Daniel had in Babylon, Nebuchadnezzar’s dream, and when Daniel was thrown into the pit that had lions. Furthermore, the interpretation of the visions by Daniel and surviving from being eaten by lions are notable events. The coming of Christ is also mentioned in Daniel, and it takes place in the form of a prophecy. The Key personalities in Daniel are the author himself, Nebuchadnezzar, Meshack, Abednego and Shadrack.

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