Stress and paramedics

Preliminary Data Analysis – Interview 1

Research Question: How does stress affect the operation of paramedics?

Methodological notes Transcript 1 Preliminary Data Analysis

Questions well answered

Relevant answers given

Respondent attentive and keen on answering all questions

Interviewer: Tell me a little about your work as a paramedic prior to study in Australia, Like, how many years did you work?

Int 002: I have been working as a paramedic for five years now; this will be my sixth year.

Interviewer: Do you have any speciality?

Int 002: No I do not have any special training I am just a general paramedic.

Interviewer: What was the most positive aspect of working as a paramedic in Saudi Arabia?

Int 002: I could say the most positive aspect of working as a paramedic in Saudi Arabia is the fact that I have to handle many people who are critically sick. Most people in Saudi Arabia cannot get access to medical care. The people are often desperate to get medical attention. Being able to efficiently serve people who are so desperately in need of medical care is positive aspect.

Additionally, and contrary to what people might think there is adequate equipment to be used by paramedics in Saudi Arabia. Most people often think that there is lack of equipment in Saudi Arabia but this is not the case. As a matter of fact, there is high class equipment available for use. This is a very positive aspect when working as a paramedic in Saudi Arabia as I have all the equipment I need at my disposal.

Interviewer: What do you see as the main causes of stress for Saudi paramedics?

Int 002: There are various causes of stress for paramedics in Saudi Arabia, and none of them can be pin pointed as being the main cause. Attending to emergency cases that involve issues like accidents or terrorist/ violent attacks, whereby, the patients are in too much agony and pain is a real stress factor for many paramedics in Saudi Arabia. There are also cases of patients’ deaths which paramedics have to deal with. Such deaths occur regularly if not daily. It particularly becomes stressful when they have to break such bad news to the family and friends of the deceased.

Interviewer: How do these stressors effect the operation (efficiency) of paramedics? What effect do they have on your morale and sick leave days?

Int 002: These stressors have an impact on the paramedics in that they often extend the days of sick leave as they need time to deal with the stress. Stress is detrimental to the human body and it leads to increase in blood pressure. It also leads to decrease in the immune system and hence the paramedics can develop a weakness in their natural ability to fight bacteria and viruses. This leads to occurrence of sickness and they have more days of sick leave.

Interviewer: Any effect on ones morale?

Int 002: Oh! That? Stress definitely leads to low morale especially stress caused by death since the paramedics consider themselves as being failures when patients die under their care.

Interviewer: What could the administration or management at the various Emergency Centers do to lower the levels of stress experienced and to deal with their resultant effects?

Int 002: The administration can come up with employee assistance programs which can make counsellors and other specialists accessible for the employees. These specialists can assist the paramedics in the management of their stress. They can also provide debriefing sessions for the paramedics in cases of violence or traumatic events

Interviewer: Has your study in Australia helped with how you can manage stress when you return to paramedic practice?

Int 002: Yes, my study in Australia has really been of great help. I will surely apply what I have learned in Australia when I return to Saudi Arabia, and I am sure I will be able to manage any stress that I will encounter there.

Prior 5 years working experience

No specialization

Service to others and self satisfaction

Facilities and equipment available for efficient operation.

Stress factors

Witnessing the Intense pain and death of patients during emergency cases identified as major stress factors.

Impact of stress on the health of the paramedic results into extended sick leave days.

Reduced morale and encouragement

Role of the administration in reducing stress levels

Counselling and debriefing of paramedics for stress management

Public Education

Paramedic study in Australia is beneficial in stress management.

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