Strategy to social skills training





Strategy to social skills training

Human beings are social beings and cannot live in isolation comfortably. Therefore, teaching learners how to relate with one another is an important idea towards making them understand their social environment, and respond to different situations effectively. Social skills training comprise of strategies that are intended to help learners develop and keep a positive interaction with each other. Social skills training helps learners to develop characteristics like, social sensitivity, role taking, social insight, social comprehension, psychological insight, social communication, social problem solving, and moral judgment.

Social skill training is offered to children because, most children acquire social skills that are consistent with their culture while others do not and thus, they must be taught to be multi- culturally sociable. The practice of teaching learners social skills involves teaching learners how to: formulate goals for social interaction, decide on behaviors which will best meet social goals, perform the behavior and judge whether the behavior was effective in achieving the goals. In such trainings, the following social skills are taught, conversation skills, friendship skills, group skills, and coping with conflict skills. As well, learners are trained how to transfer those skills from one situation to another naturally. Social training also takes care of learners with autistic spectrum disorders. Separate interventions programs are prepared to assist them recognize other people’s emotions and perspectives.

As a teacher, I will benefit from this information for I have known what strategies should be used in teaching social skills, what content must be covered, how teaching practice should be carried out and how to react to different social situations learners may portray. Also, it will help me discover what learners need special needs and how I should meet their needs as a teacher.

Alternatively, I fell that; social skill training must not be done in classroom. It should be done in open forums like, parties, social meetings and children seminars. During such meetings, experts should be invited to speak with the learners. In such trainings both introverts and extroverts children must be mixed up and each should be given a time limit so as to ensure that all learners participate.

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