Strategies for success in the online learning environment

Strategies for success in the online learning environment



Strategies for success in the online learning environment


Online learning and in another word referred to as Distance learning, is a learning environment in which the student and his lecturer are not in the same room physically. Where the student is allowed to communicate and respond without having to see him physically. There are ways in which can help someone have a successful online environment. This includes identifying strategies for success and how to overcome the barriers (Allen, 2012).

The most common strategies used suggests that one should be able to communicate through writing, Have self-discipline and be self motivated, Have access to a computer and internet, Accept critical thinking and decision making. Communication through writing helps the student feel comfortable in expressing themselves. If having difficulties, it requires remedial practice to perfect (Allen, 2012).

Self-discipline and self motivation is a responsibility when it comes to online learning environment, it needs discipline and real commitment to keep with flow of the process. If difficulty is experienced by the student, it should be communicated immediately. A computer is the communication medium and the internet. One should be able to access these equipments to have a successful online learning (Allen, 2012).

Critical thinking and decision making based on facts is highly required. Someone is able to execute right decisions, analyzing and assimilating information. Some of the strategies to overcome barrier in online learning environment requires inquiry and creating something new. In inquiry and creating something new, this is where a person asks questions, gets the answers and gets a conclusion which enables him have something new (Allen, 2012).


In order to have a successful online learning, discipline and dedication to the learning is highly needed. Self motivation and determination is also an added advantage.


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