Story Plan

Story Plan


Slug: Can dogs provide adequate security

Story Idea: Security at home

So what? (Why should I care? Why should my readers care?):

Individual and family security is paramount and having a dog at home can help backing up family security

Other questions I need to answer:

Do you own a dog at home? What type?

How many dogs do you own?

What is their size and age?

Do the dog(s) alert you in case there is something unusual?

Have you ever been rescued by a dog?

Angle? (Focus of the story?):

Assessing personal security through dogs as pets

What evidence do I need to collect?

How many people keep dogs in their homes and most probably for security reasons.

What do I need to learn in a hurry?

Are dogs essential in providing security at home and how many individuals believe that dogs are security guards?

Who will I talk with?

Fellow students in school

What visual element should accompany the story? (Photo? Graphic?)

A photo of a dog at home

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