Statement Of Work For The Request For Proposal

Statement Of Work For The Request For Proposal


Anderson & Reilly Law Firm wishes to upgrade its data communication and network systems from a legacy platform to a web-based operating system. It is, therefore, seeking a bidder who will oversee the entire process so as to ensure seamless operationalization of the new system with little or no data loss. This is the statement of work for the Request for Proposal.

Statement of Work

Project Scope

This project requires the bidders to oversee the full implementation of the web-based platform right from the purchase of hardware and software required for the transition to the setting up, data transfer and full operationalization of the new system.

During the implementation process, the successful bidder will collaborate with the law firm’s IT department so as to come up with the most appropriate software applications at the best price possible. Considering that most employees are used to the legacy system, the successful bidder will be required to undertake the training of the employees, as well as full orientation to ensure that they are properly conversant with the system (Schwalbe, 2010). On the same note, it is the duty of the successful bidder to undertake the data transfer from the legacy system to the web-based system, as well as safe archiving and storage of data with no loss of data. This transition should be done with minimum disruptions to the operations of the law firm.

Period of performance

The project will be carried out for not more than two months from 30th June to 31st August 2013. This period is divided into different phases that will guide the project right from the beginning to the end, with the specific tasks to be carried within that time. The management board should be notified at the last day of every phase as to the progress made.

Project Timeline:

June 30th to July 10th- PROJECT INITIATION PHASE- the winning bidder will work in collaboration with the IT department in the law firm to determine the specific needs with regards to hardware and software applications needed to carry out the upgrade. Measurements will be carried out to determine the length of cables required, alongside evaluations to determine the items needed (Schwalbe, 2010). The law firm’s management board will be notified after two weeks about the entire list of hardware and software.

July 16th – July 31st MARKET RESEARCH- All items needed for the migration will be identified and bought within this period. These include 23 computers, routers, switches, network adapters, network software, legal management software, cable connectors, power supply and the identified network mediums. The winning bidder will carry out comprehensive market research to determine the most appropriate hardware and software while being mindful of the cost, both in the long-term and the short-term. Every software and hardware required should be purchased by the end of this phase.

August 1st – August 15th – Installation and setting up of the Local Area Networks and full operationalization of the new computers. In addition, the contractor will undertake the backing up of the system and archiving the data stored. A temporary legacy system will be set up to prevent disruption of operations.

August 16th – August 20th – setting up of the web-based platform and filling the necessary data of the law firm. The system will be tested and troubleshooting capabilities evaluated.

August 21st –August 25th – Training of the employees of Anderson and Reilley Advocates law firm on the functioning of the web-based system.

August 26th – August 31st- The contractor will undertake full internalization of the platform and the full archiving of the legacy system leaving the web-based platform as the only one in operation.

Project manager: Dr. Rilley Barnie.

Title: Manager IT Department

Evaluation Criteria

The bidder will have to provide a list of referees and testimonials from previously completed projects. Experience in the field will be considered in evaluating the qualifications of the bidder. It is imperative that the bidder provide a list of the workers alongside their qualifications. On the same note, a statement of cost including costs pertaining to any subcontractors should be included in the bid

Physical location: the project will be carried out in the premises of Anderson & Rilley Law Firm in Ellicott Square Building located in Buffalo, NY 14225


Schwalbe, K. (2010). Information technology Project Management. Boston, MA: Course Technology/Cengage Learning.