Statement Of Purpose-Linguistic And Literature

Statement Of Purpose-Linguistic And Literature

My interest in education, specifically in linguistics and literature began way back when I was in high school, and since then, I strongly dedicated to study these subjects to the Masters level. As a child, I always enjoyed reading and engaging in spelling games with my family and friends, hence my love for the subject. During my free time, I would make it a point to read to my younger cousins, as well as, teach them various languages that I was gradually gaining proficiency. As I progressed on to my upper classes my interests in literature and linguistics was, further, heightened and I found myself joining a number of clubs in my school.

Because one of my goals in life was to study linguistics and literature on a higher education level, I worked hard through high school and successfully managed to attain admission into one of the most prestigious universities in my country. I am a recent graduate of Umm Al-Qura University with a bachelor degree in English Linguistics. Before I graduated in 2009, I was a committed student who was always top of the class in my school. Owing to my industry and strong resolve, I successfully managed to complete my four years of education in the university with minimal disruptions and interference. My 4 years in university exposed me to a diverse and comprehensive curriculum that embodied studies in English literature and linguistics. More specifically, my curriculum in the university allowed me to study linguistics, literature, and educational subjects such as educational policy studies and educational psychology. These subjects exposed me the subject and expanded my knowledge on the subject. In addition to my university education, I have also had the opportunity to put my theoretical skills into practice as various educational institutions. My first years of training saw me work as a teacher for two months, one month at junior high school and the other at a high school. Because of my love for teaching, I successfully managed to attain the grade A as a score for my curriculum, which further motivated me to take up a career in linguistics. Before travelling to Canada, which is my current home, I also worked as a teacher for a period of four months, thus increasing my experience in the field.

I am particularly interested in joining two prestigious universities including the university of Alberta and California State University in Long Beach. These two universities were my first choices because of the broad curriculum that I would be offered as a student in these universities. I believe that admission into either one of the two universities will be my platform towards the achievement of my goals and objective in life. I have the potential to develop into a strong leader, if given the opportunity, owing to my working, communication and problem solving skills that are necessary for a career in literature and linguistics. I have a deep conviction that my working experience and my rich educational background places me at a vantage point for admission in my two chosen universities. My aim is to use my career, talent, and skill to research on the new study areas in linguistics. I am convinced that when I secure admission into one of the above universities, I will be able to achieve my objectives as well as, allow me to gain more knowledge on my subjects of interest.

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