Stages of Life Essay and Interview

Stages of Life Essay and Interview



Stages of Life Essay and Interview

Stages of life are based on observable changes in individuals during life, mainly based on biological changes. As much the stages are important, the change periods amid stages are the time of most clear change. Preparation and understanding is needed since this is difficult times to mostly children, especially those undergoing the adolescent stage.

Life stage starts at infancy, at the time when one is born. A baby needs to be monitored and cared for at this stage: child hood comes in next, when one is about three to nine years is in the childhood stage, a child here learns how to play, socialize and start schooling. Not so long, children hit adolescent stage, this is a puberty stage, it brings in hormonal changes and is the most challenging for both parents and teenagers. Despite that, adolescent molds one into a young adult. Adult hood comes in with the responsibility of a parent, taking care of his or her family if married and career growth to satisfy their ambitions. Life moves on into the next stage of middle age, at around 40-60 years of age, menopause starts to show its signs and aging people may require cure. This might also lead to death, which is the last stage of life.

Patients suffering from different types of illness have different perspective and a right to Physical comfort, emotionatiol support and respect when in health care centers. The children, adolescents and the adult need to be protected, educated regardless of the course if there illness. Equal rights and treatment has to be exercised to all patients. Even the elderly, need special care and respect in order to make their stay in the health care comfortable. Health care departments and wards need to improve in the delivery of the services.


Do you feel that your stage-of-life had any effect with the interaction with health care professionals? Yes, the professionals were very good, kind that they were ready to help even before you could ask for their help.

Which areas of the hospital or clinic were most concerned with your well-being and feelings? The nursing depertment, very caring and always available when I need them. They would sometimes even sit with me in may ward!jst to help kill the boredom.

Was your family with you during this hospital stay or outpatient visit? Always, that’s the time I enjoyed my families presence, especially my mothers, she always there every minute of her free time from work. My dad and siblings two. They were always there for my when I needed them.

Was your family included in your treatmeant, such as post-procedure instructions? Yes, yes they were. I had undergone an operation after which I needed blood. My elder sister donated blood for me and my brother a kidney Signing of some documents you know and paying of the bills, it was actually a large amount but they managed. Owe them a debt of gratitude.

What happened? What was the operation all about? I had a kidney failure. One of my kidneys the left side had failed. So I needed an argent transfer.

For how long have you been having the kidney problem? Okey, it has been like three years. Because I started having pains on one side of my back long than I can remember but ignored thinking it was just a normal pain but the pain persisted for a very long time. So when I finally decided to go for a checkup, the harm hard already been done, I just had to have a kidney transfer.

So how do you fill now? And what do you have to say about your stay in this health facility? I thank God, I feel much better now and very comfortable at least I can sit on this chair straight and for this long, I would say am okay. So far, this is the best hospital, treats and takes care of their patients the best way.

Thank you so much for your time Miss Stacy. We wish you a quick recovery. Any word of advice to the people out there? Life is in our own hands, suspect or fill anything unusual in your body, beter see a doctor before it is too late. It is your health, your life.

This was an interview I conducted from my friend Stacy on 7th may 2012 who has been hospitalized for almost a month due to kidney failure but Thanks to the caring doctors and a well organized health center, she made it through. Health centers should be encouraged to improve service provision in there centers for effective service to the patients.