St John College High School

St John College High School


Education has for a long time been touted as one of the most fundamental aspects of the contemporary human society. This is especially considering the fact that it determines the overall success of an individual in his or her life, as well as the standard of life that the individual would have. Apart from the career that an individual pursues in school, the educational institution in which knowledge pertaining to the particular course has a bearing on the subsequent level of success that the individual would have in his or her professional life. This is essentially the basis upon which I chose St John’s College High School.

First, the institution welcomes students and faculty members from different backgrounds. This would present me with an opportunity to interact with them and build my communication skills, as well as knowledge of diverse societies. The knowledge would serve me well in my professional life as a pediatrician.

In addition, the school is well advanced as far as technology is concerned, especially considering its Ipad program, which would not only come in handy in enhancing the organization of notes and studies, but also aiding research and interaction for the purpose of learning (Mancabelli, 2013). On the same note, 85% of the materials required or used in the institution’s classrooms are e-books, which not only reduces the cumbersomeness and load of the student but also enhances their flexibility as far as the location where learning takes place (Mancabelli, 2013).

On the same note, the institution provides opportunities for participating in extracurricular activities such as basketball and dancing. Exercises and extracurricular activities would go a long way in enhancing the physical fitness of individuals, their psychological and emotional wellbeing, thereby aiding in academic growth.


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