Sport Tourism

Sport Tourism




Tourism has been one of the key pillars in the economy of many nations. It has been credited with enhancing the economy through the funds, as well playing a key role in enhancing the distinctive features of different communities and bringing them to the world map. This underlines the reasons for the tremendous growth of this crucial sector.

Recent times have seen the development of sports as a key player in enhancing tourism in different countries. Of course, there exists some variations in the development of different countries as far as sports are concerned. This does not undermine the role that sports play in enhancing tourism. It is worth noting that the tourism is not tied to the game itself. In some instances, tourism is tied to the venues. This is the case for the Field of Dreams in Iowa. This paper examines the various dynamics involving the Field of Dreams. It outlines its history, which is a movie based known by the same name and describes it in detail. In addition, it outlines the ownership of the field since the time when the movie was taken in this field, as well as any changes that have taken place in the same over the years. It is worth noting that the field has changed hands twice, to its current owners who intend to put up a modern sports complex without destroying the fundamental aspects of the field. This is because the main attraction of the field has been the fundamental aspects such as the baseball diamond, which was left behind after the movie was filmed. Various souvenirs may be bought in this field.

In addition, the paper describes the games that usually take place in this field and their time of the year, as well as the ages of the people who participate in these games. It is worth noting that the field has inspired quite a number of tournaments and even fields, some going by the same name and taking place in other parts of the country and the world at large. The paper examines the various tournaments that were inspired by this film and gives comprehensive details pertaining to them.

Most of the information has been derived from the internet and online papers. The website HYPERLINK “” has played a key role in enhancing the information especially pertaining to the details of the field after purchase. These include the changes that would be made to the field and even information pertaining to the history of the field. In addition, the Huffington Post HYPERLINK “” provides comprehensive information pertaining to the field since its inception, as well as after the sale. It gives clear information pertaining to the history of the field as a tourist attraction and outlines the assurance of the new owners pertaining to the changes that they would make in the field. This information is complemented by the New York Times in HYPERLINK “” where the authors outline the changes in ownership and the dynamics involved. Other online sources have been consulted especially as pertaining to the various teams and tournaments that have been inspired by the movie. Information pertaining to the Field of Dreams Baseball tournament was obtained from HYPERLINK “”, with information on the Softball Field of Dreams in University of Redlands being accessed from HYPERLINK “”

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