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Some say that Women are taking all men roles and activities around the globe while some are arguing that in the next 50 years the world will be advocating for men to given a chance to showcase themselves. In the current situation is that women are advocating the role, but it is projected in the opposite direction in the future. Women are today, taking part in all the roles that women are taking part in such as engineering among others. Women movements and empowerment campaigns are underway to ensure that women are actively involved in all the roles including men’s. Despite the fact that there are several people against such campaigns and steps, women are taking various reasons why women are forced to do these as indicated below:The world is facing the worst economic crisis, for example, the United States is currently faced with an economic crisis so does the UK and other powerful states in the world. Such economic changes have increased inflation rates increasing prices of basic commodities such as food and clothing among other primary commodities. Because of these changes in the economy, it is hard for men to sustain their families paying school fees for their kids, paying bills, emergency expenses among other expenses. In order to keep up with this difficult moment, women have opted to help their men care for the family. I consider that woman are now working hand in hand with their men or husbands or brothers to ensure their ends are met. Thus, women have taken men’s roles and duties not because they wish to, but because the economic crisis is hitting hard. Scholars and researchers are depicting negative result from the steps that women are currently taking in the world as they take men roles should consider revising their conclusions and conduct other real-time research and analysis.The other reason women are taking the role that men used to is the changes in gender role. The education systems and curriculums have been amended allowing women to study courses such as engineering and medicine as well as science and mathematics which they were not allowed to take before. This has given women a chance to handle other roles that were thought to be man’s roles. Therefore, cultural beliefs and perceptions as well as ignorance are to be blamed on why women did not take this role from the beginning. The world is also calling upon all gender to take part to ensure that globalization reaches its expected levels. Therefore, to attain these expectations both men and women have to take roles. With this in mind I strongly disagree with scholars who resented that is wrong for women to take men roles. The last reason i disagree with such scholars is that sometimes men are not available to undertake their chores or duties hence women opt to handle them.Summary of the Material

Gender convergence and difference in motives that both men and women have according to the roles they should take part in helps in understanding why the role sharing is evident in today’s world. Thus, women are cushioning their families as well as the entire globe against various issue faced in the 19th and 20th century such as the World Wars. Thus, their step is worth their efforts. “Nothing comes without a fall,” women could be expressing their campaigns negatively. However, the impacts of their actions have more positive effects than the negative ones.

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