Some Minority Students May Fare Better Than Whites When Working Part Time, New Research Finds

Some Minority Students May Fare Better Than Whites When Working Part Time, New Research Finds

Though Hispanic and African-American students might be less likely to hold jobs within the school year as opposed to their non Hispanic white colleagues, when they do get such opportunities, they seem to work for longer periods and seem to have their grades less affected than those of the non Hispanic white colleagues with jobs. This study was conducted on close to 600,000 students within America. Also within high school students who worked for longer periods, Hispanic and black students form less income families are less likely to drink or smoke as opposed to rich non Hispanic white colleges.

It is true that since wealthy families seem to have less closeness to their children, and that almost all the needs are catered for, when they go outside or earn extra cash, they much more likely to use it for entertainment purposes which may even mean drug abuse to others. This will surely distract them from most of their class work hence poor grades. The low incomers extra money goes towards meeting needs that the family could not, hence they will always be focused on their studies with a bid to better their incomes in order to help boost the families standards.

This research according to me was a success and couldn’t have come at a better time than now; the drug abuse cases reported in learning institutions, the poor grades and debates on student employees have all needed explanations over some period of time. This research has given some answers. At a personal level, it leaves me with a better choice on how to raise my children in the future and my advice on working as a student.

This study is very important to parents, teachers, students an all stakeholders in the education sectors. The fact that it reveals the correlations between grades and longer working hours for both the rich and low income earners is remarkable. However, the study did not bother to look into the income levels of the African-Americans and correlate them with those of non-Hispanic whites. It is a weakness on this study since it might be that attraction to drugs and poor grades is a factor that depends on income levels rather than being black, Hispanic or white.


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