social networking annotated Bibliography





Annotated Bibliography

Obee, Jenifer , social networking: The ultimate teen guide. Lanharm, MD. Rowman Littlefield Publishing Group. 2012.

This book assists young adults to maximize their online experience. It gives them an all-inclusive comprehension of social networking and addresses online safety. The author assists teens to navigate via the demanding intricacies pertaining to social networks and covers topics pertaining to the most popular social networks. In addition, it addresses issues such as smartphones, cyberbullying, privacy and videochats and incorporates quotes from teens, thereby making it one of the best resources for teens.

Noor Al-Deen, Hana. HYPERLINK “”Social Media: Usage and Impact. Chaning ways, idah falls, ID: LexingtonBooks and Co. 2011. Print

This book offers a scholarly and all-inclusive analysis of social media and investigates the merging impact and role that social media plays as it evolves. The writes explore the effects and implementation if the social media in different environments such as educational settings, politics, and strategic communication. The entire book incorporates original research, as well as different research methodologies for the analysis and presentation of information pertaining to social media.

Qualman, eric. Socialnomics: How social media influences how we live and what we do. Armonk, NY: Wiley and sons 2010.

This book explores the various aspects pertaining to the social networks (referred to as socialnomics). The authors describe this phenomenon as a world where consumers, as well as the resultant societies have intense effects on the business and economy that functions within it. The author acknowledges that the social search, online gossip, the influence of peer groups and social commerce are driving the conventional marketing strategies to the periphery. The book examines the implications of social media on business and the manner in which businesses can exploit the immense power of social media, in order to improve their sales and cut marketing costs.

HYPERLINK “″Subrahmanyam, Kaveri HYPERLINK “”. Smahel, David. Digital youth: the role of media in development. Berlin: Springer. 2010.

This book acknowledges the crucial role that digital tools play in the lives of young people and offers the benefits and risks with which they come. The authors explore the evolution of social media and come up with a relevant and innovative guidebook that transcends the description to incorporate the implications and developmental theory. The book also incorporates an international understanding and sensitivity that elucidates the global variations in technology.

Kirsh, Steven. Media and the youth: a development perspective. Armonk, NY: Wiley and sons. 2009. Print

This book offers an all-inclusive critique and review of theoretical literature and research pertaining to the effects of social media on children, adolescents and infants and incorporates a distinctive emphasis on development. It comes as the only textbook that evaluates the role that media development plays in research, and discusses varied forms of media such as internet. The clarity of the information presented or offered is enhanced by the incorporation of the emotional, social, as well as cognitive capabilities of young people.

Silverman, Scott. Creating community online: the effect of social networking. Ann Abor, MI:

This book outlines a study that examines the effects that online social networking communities have on college students’ experiences. It outlines the fact that students must have a fairly all-inclusive understanding of the drawbacks that come with online social networks. Students have to incorporate a clear knowledge of the social networks so as to balance between the drawbacks and benefits. It also examines the level to which the officials of learning institutions should involve the students with social networks.

ProQuest. 2007. Jarvis, Tim. N,d. HYPERLINK “…/Negative-Impact-of-Social-Networking”…/Negative-Impact-of-Social-Networking .. .web 06,11,2012.

Jarvis acknowledges the effect that social networks have had on the youths and notes that it has become a fundamental aspect as far as socialization in young people is concerned. Anyone who is not in social networks is bound to feel left out. However, as much as social networks may be crucial, they may also destroy existing relationships. The author notes that electronic relationships allow people to misrepresent themselves by only exhibiting their best side. Anonymity provides the necessary conditions for dark impulses to flourish, something that would impede the development of healthy relationships.

McDaniel, Byrd retrieved 09,11, 2012 HYPERLINK “” l “ixzz2BqDYKTVA” The Effect of Technology Advances on Modern Lifestyle HYPERLINK “”

This article acknowledges that technological development has accelerated tremendously in the recent times. It examines how different technological gadgets have been incorporated in the lives of people, in performing different functions including communication, keeping records, saving information, entertainment, as well as doing business and shopping. Technological advancement has also allowed for enhanced transportation, while technological advancement has enhanced the health of individuals.