The type of poverty experienced by people who cannot afford basic necessities such as, food, clothing, and shelter. Select one:

The type of poverty experienced by people who cannot afford basic necessities such as, food, clothing, and shelter. Select one:

A. Relative poverty B. Absolute poverty C. Lavish poverty D. Financial poverty

Which of the following statements best describe the wage gap between the average earnings of men and women in the United States? Select one:

A. There has never been a wage gap, average earnings for men and women have always been equal. B. The wage gap has been eliminated in recent years. C. Women in the workforce have always earned more than men. D. The wage gap has gotten smaller in recent years, but still exists.

Which approach to sociological analysis suggests that examining inequalities and power differences between groups is essential to understanding U.S. society? Select one:

A. Symbolic interaction B. Conflict C. Functionalism D. Rational-choice theory

The ____ census was the first in U.S. history that allowed people to claim more than one racial category Select one:

A. 1990 B. 1960 C. 2000 D. 1970

When we compare the wealth of Oprah Winfrey to Bill Gates, we are taking a/an _____ approach to measuring poverty. This implies that no matter how rich a society is, there will always be someone at the bottom of the hierarchy. Select one:

A. Firm B. Relative C. Absolute D. Financial

When mass media in the U.S. encourages women to think of their physical appearance as the most important part of their identity it is acting as a: Select one:

a. Patriarchal lens b. Gender bias instrument c. Social exchange agent d. Socialization agent

Based on this ideology, all causes of inequality are related to each other. Thus, inequality women experience because of their gender may be reinforced by their social class or race. Select one:

a. Libertarianism b. Feminism c. Suffage d. Inclusive feminism

Applying the term minority group to women: Select one:

A. Is rejected by sociologist because there are more women than men. B. Is a custom primarily among sociologist in Africa. C. Is done by sociologists because the term has nothing to do with numbers. D. Does not make sense because there are more women than men.

In the 1800s and early 1900s, feminists were called: Select one:

a. Suffragists b. The women who wanted to change the world c. Militants d. The hands that rock the cradle — and the world

The occupation of highest prestige in the U.S.: Select one:

A. Clergy B. Physician C. Lawyer D. College Professor

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