Word 2 Assessment (Creating a Research Paper)

Word 2 Assessment (Creating a Research Paper)

Word Processing with Microsoft Word


In this assessment, you prove that you can use a word processor to create and format a document in Word. You will be doing this by creating a research paper in Microsoft Word. The research paper is based on a topic in Information Technology (provided in assessment directions).


Create a new document in Microsoft Word that meets the minimum objectives below and uses the features within Word relating to research papers. The document is to be about an area of information technology that you may research below. You may conduct research through Google or other online resources. Wikipedia (wikis) are not valid sources for this paper. Your document must have different content than what is displayed in the example.



1. Create a new document in a word processor.

2. Add content relating to your chosen topic (at least 1.5 pages of content)

3. At least two sources are used.

4. Citations are managed (and inserted to body) using source manager in Word.

5. Works cited is created by using the citation manager.

6. Paper includes at least one footnote.

7. Paragraphs are indented with first line indent rather than by pressing tab.

8. Page break is used before the works cited page rather than pressing enter many times.

9. Your name and the page number are inserted into the header of the paper.

10. Save a document to a specific location with a specific name.



Your research paper can be on one of the following topics. Select the one that interests you the most.

1. How to Secure Computers from Viruses and Hackers.

2. A Career in Information Technology (explore an IT career, salary, duties, etc.).

3. Impact of Social Networking on Today’s Society.

4. Computers in (your chosen career focus) …. explain how computers are needed in your career focus.







1. Open Microsoft Word and create a new document.

2. Add a right-aligned Header to your document that includes your last name and the page number (inserted rather than typed).

3. Change the line spacing of your paper to 2.0.

4. Change the font of your paper to Times New Roman.

5. Create the body of your paper (introduction, at least three paragraphs of content, conclusion). Your paper must be at least 1.5 pages in length.

6. Within the body of your paper, make sure you include at least two citations to two different sources using the resource manager.

7. Create at least one footnote on one of your two body pages.

8. At the end of your document, create a page break to create a new page.

9. Add a works cited using the resource manager.

10. Save your document as Word2-TechnologyResearch.docx in your Word folder (created earlier in this course).




Description Points Your Score
Header is created with your last name and the page number inserted. 1  
Body of document uses line spacing of 2.0. 1  
Body of document uses Times New Roman (12pt) as font. 1  
Paragraphs are indented with first line indent. 1  
A footnote is created at the end of a page. 2  
At least two citations are entered using the resource manager. 5  
Page break is used between content of paper and works cited page. 1  
Works cited is added using resource manager. 5  
Document contains at least 1.5 pages of valid content related to your topic. 1  
Document is spell checked with zero errors. 1  
Document is saved as Word2-TechnologyResearch.docx. 1  
TOTAL 20  


* NOTE: This document must be at least 1.5 pages long with content and must use the resource manager for citations and works cited. Absence of these objectives results in a 0 for this activity.

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