Conflict within the workplace is inevitable


Marial,   ( this is for the professor)

You made some great Conflict within the workplace is inevitablepoints regarding challenging your own perceptions and being open to other perceptions. This week we read about the stages of interpersonal conflict. Using what you learned about perception and the stages of interpersonal conflict walk us through a conflict you recently experienced and how perception impacted these stages of interpersonal conflict.


Conflict within the workplace is inevitable. I recall that in my workplace, I experienced a dispute with one of my colleagues. My colleague did not want to wait for me to come in to give me the nurses’ report. She would leave early most of the time and not meet with me as required to go over the patients that she was supposed to transfer to my care. Because we were unable to find a resolution, I decided to speak with the charge nurse who would serve as the neutral third party.

I would prefer the use of a facilitative approach to finding a resolution. With this type of approach, the third party, aims to facilitate negotiation between both parties (McKenzie, 2015). In this case, this approach is ideal because of the nature of the dispute. The charge nurse aims to find a resolution as patient care cannot be compromised. Perception can affect how one sees the problem leading to the conflict. In this case, the student’s colleague may not believe her actions are wrong.

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