Please read in your textbook the section on Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences

Please read in your textbook the section on Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences (7.7). Though his theory has its critics, students often find his theory helpful when thinking about what sorts of things they seemed to have a knack for growing up (and now!) and that things like being good at art and sports can be another way to be “smart.”  Imagine yourself when you were in middle childhood (from about age 7 to about the start of puberty) and think about the sorts of things you had a knack for.  You might like to watch this video which does a pretty good job:

8 Intelligences – Theory of Multiple Intelligences Explained – Dr. Howard Gardner (Links to an external site.)8 Intelligences - Theory of Multiple Intelligences Explained - Dr. Howard Gardner

You may like to see Gardner talking a bit about intelligence (Links to an external site.) to help you remember him.

Then, try taking the adult survey  (Links to an external site.)to see get an idea about the various types of intelligence and what sorts of things might fit into those categories.

Note: When taking it, don’t get confused about the red text/pink boxes.  That is only relevant if you are below the age of 18.  You score each statement (1 = Mostly Disagree, 2 = Slightly Disagree, 3 = Slightly Agree, 4 = Mostly Agree).  You write your score in the WHITE box to the right of the statement.  You ignore the grey boxes.  By putting your score for a particular statement in the white box, it ends of up in the correct column as you add it up at the bottom.

This survey is NOT the one created by Gardner, but it is free and does give you a good idea about what his ideas different intelligences are like.  Also, this test does not include his more recent addition of the “naturalist” intelligence.

When you have taken it and added up your scores, see if you agree with what the types of intelligence you scored higher and lower in.  Did this fit with your experiences in middle childhood?  How so or not?  Do you still feel like you are better at some areas than others?  Did his theory that there are multiple intelligences resonate with you?  Why or why not?

If you need help or just need more clarification about his theory, please do not hesitate to ask!

Citing Guidelines:

  • If you refer to the survey, just state you are referring to the survey.  You don’t need to cite it beyond that.
  • If you refer to one of the videos you can just state which video it was that you are referring to.
  • If you refer to the readings in the text, do cite them in APA style.  Be sure you have a reference in-text AND at the end.  Be sure you provide a page number and use quotations if you do not put material completely in your own words.  Please go here to see how to cite your text properly, including examples.

Grading Notes:

Your postings must include the use of proper grammar, punctuation, and complete sentences.  Please organize paragraphs and ideas carefully.  Put a space between paragraphs.  Please also be certain you write enough to full develop your thoughts.  This assignment will take several paragraphs to complete well.

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