Science and technology are perhaps one of the most important areas that will help our country be great and remain a world power and player. Yet, it seems that our young people are falling short in test scores and interest. Reading comprehension and math are so important to the education of our young people, yet we are falling short in test scores. What can we do as students, parents, and leaders of tomorrow to encourage our children to pursue careers in math, science, and technology? to take leadership roles? and to take school serious? With so many schools having problems with drop out rates and troubled students, what can we do help? I taught high school for 25 years and every 3 or 4 years, it seems that students were less and less prepared, interested, took their education serious, respectful of others, had a not so great work ethic, etc. In college, I teach some students that just want an easy way to a good grade – we all know there is no free ride or easy way- if it is worth doing, it is worth doing to the best of your ability. As I observe student teacher interns in the schools our students are utilizing the latest in digital gadgets, ebooks, etc. yet I also see students using the ipad for secretly taking selfies and playing mindcraft or tuned into social media. In my classes, a large majority of students are checking social media, text messages as they are supposedly taking notes -In my college classrooms, students are texting, facebooking, snapchatting during class and wonder why they aren’t making A’s on exams. As adults, parents, etc. – are we failing our young people and their math, science, & technology education? To progress to the future we must encourage the STEM courses- as they will prepare students to develop the next gadget, the next medicines, and the next cures for diseases. Or am I just an old science teacher out of the loop of things? Your thoughts, comments, concerns

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