​Outline topic: HIV Epidemiology​, health and medicine homework help

Outline topic: HIV Epidemiology

Always use the assignment instructions as your outline or skeleton.

  • A synopsis of the article (Introduction/Methods/Results/Discussion)
  • Introduction (You never actually use this heading; it is understood that it is the introduction or thesis and background.)
  • Methods
  • Results
  • Discussion

The following questions should be answered during the presentation. Just briefly plug these responses under the appropriate heading/subheading.

  • Why did the scientists perform the study (i.e., a brief description of background)?
  • Specify any possible connection between the exposure and the disease.
  • What were the major techniques used in the study?
  • What were the major results, did they support or negate the hypothesis, and do they point to further/future studies?
  • Why did you choose this particular article to review?
  • Was it interesting, informative, clearly written, or none of the above?
  • All credit will be given for your honest opinions.
  • A discussion of the article’s strengths and limitations.
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